Me in Peru

In 2011-2012 Jay Nargundkar worked as an economic development consultant in rural Peru for Technoserve, an international NGO.  His primary duties were to work with entrepreneurs and small businesses in the implementation of their ideas and growth of their operations. After many conversations with local business owners Jay realized that, for the most part, businesses did not do a good job with record-keeping and accounting. They also lacked even basic analytics to evaluate their business and make operations more efficient. One otherwise capable business did not understand that they were selling their most popular product for a loss!

To address these issues, Jay devised a simple solution: a business software tool that runs in Microsoft Excel and is powered by Visual Basic. He called it Empresalta, a wordplay on the Spanish empresa “business” and either alta “high” or salta “leap”‘, reflecting his aspirations for the success small businesses could achieve with this tool.  Empresalta has a graphical user interface so that it is easy to use for less computer-savvy users.  It was designed so that any employee could use the system — for example, cashiers could enter point-of-sales data immediately!