Keep track of every aspect of your business:

  • Enter order details and track client information
  • Track your purchasing, fixed costs, personnel costs, tax payments, and financing costs
  • Track your daily production or inventory acquisition

View dashboard summaries of your operations:

  • See your financial statement with breakdown by month
  • Visual graph compares your revenues and expenses by month

Manage your orders:

  • See your orders with payments outstanding
  • Update your order status (“payment pending”, “payment received”, or “canceled”)

Sales analysis, with the following reports:

  • Sales and quantities sold of each product by month
  • Sales by client
  • Trend in monthly average sale price per product

Cost analysis, with the following reports:

  • Monthly input costs, fixed costs, and personnel costs
  • Trends in monthly average of inputs

Production analysis (or inventory acquisition), with the following reports:

  • Use of inputs by month
  • Finished products created
  • Daily production (or inventory acquisition)

Manage your inventory, with the following reports:

  • Inventory of inputs
  • Inventory of finished products